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Picture of Rafael Alvarez

Rafael Alvarez

Community Superintendent District 7

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Community School District 7 Superintendent Rafael T. Alvarez joined the New York City Department of Education in 2000. Recently, he served as a Deputy Superintendent for District 10 where he supported 58 schools, 62 sites. He began his career in education as a 5th grade teacher and has served as UFT chapter leader, literacy coach, AIS provider, assistant principal and Principal.

He has also turn-keyed many professional development sessions for Regions 4, 5, and 8, and taught as an adjunct at a local college. He views a collaborative environment as the key to creating successful staff members and students. He believes partnerships with parents and community partners are essential to enriching the experience in his District.

Picture of Jennifer Joynt

Jennifer Joynt

Community Superintendent District 8

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Picture of Harry Sherman

Harry Sherman

Community Superintendent District 9

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Superintendent Sherman has over 20 of educational experience. He has been the principal of the Castle Hill Middle School, a large economically, racially, and linguistically diverse learning community in the Bronx. He started his career as an English teacher in Queens before graduating in the second cohort of the New York City Leadership Academy. Harry has been successful in creating a student-centered climate committed to continuous improvement to ensure equity and opportunity for all students, including those who face systemic barriers. Harry holds a degree in English and philosophy from SUNY at Stony Brook, an MBA from St. John’s University, a School Building Leader certificate from Baruch College, and a School District Leadership certificate from the College of St. Rose.

Harry Sherman is committed to confronting the systemic racial inequities that hold back our children. He knows this begins by modeling reflective practice, humility, and continuous personal growth. Harry also believes deeply in providing opportunities for all students to achieve success at the highest levels. He is keenly aware that this requires building a shared vision, starting with families, students, and educators that centers the needs of students while respecting the voices of all stakeholders. In the 2018-2019 school year, the Castle Hill Middle School was a Showcase School for culturally responsive education and leadership development. The Castle Hill Middle School has led the way in the development of flexible programming for multi-lingual learners and students with disabilities, ensuring their access to accelerated curriculum and Regents coursework.

Picture of Maribel Hulla

Maribel Hulla

Community Superintendent District 10

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Picture of Cristine Vaughan

Cristine Vaughan

Community Superintendent District 11

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Cristine has served the students and families of the Bronx for over 27

years as a teacher, staff developer, Senior Intervention director (Districts

8, 11, & 12), Network Achievement Specialist, founding school principal and most recently Community Superintendent of District 11.

In her twenty fifth year in education, Cristine became the district superintendent in same Bronx neighborhood where she began her Fifth grade teaching career in 1993. In her previous position she designed, launched, and led Baychester Academy (BA), a school focused on authentic collaboration and rigorous instruction.

Picture of Jacqueline Rosado

Jacqueline Rosado

Community Superintendent District 12

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Picture of Renee Peart

Renee Peart

High School Superintendent Districts 7, 9, 12

Superintendent Peart has over 28 years of educational experience. She served as a high school deputy superintendent of 60 New Visions Secondary Schools and High Schools, where she was profoundly committed to targeted leadership development with a clear focus on equity to improve student outcomes. Before this role, she was a High School Field Support Liaison (FSL), where she analyzed multiple data sources to assess and prioritize school needs to provide targeted supports. Preceding the FSL role, Renee Peart worked in the Office of School Quality as a school quality director. She conducted citywide school evaluations and provided training for superintendents and cluster leaders on the quality review process.

Renee was also a principal for ten years in District 27 Far Rockaway, Queens. Under her leadership, the Dr. Richard R. Green School moved from the New York State accountability list to a school in Good Standing. Before the role of principal, she was a middle school assistant principal and teacher in District 23 Brownsville, Brooklyn where she began her career.

Picture of Sabrina Cook

Sabrina Cook

High School Superintendent Districts 8, 10, 11

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